Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Like That!

If you pop over to the Alchemy Writers blog, you can read all about the David Gemmell Legend Award ceremony (thank you Jen). I was there, in my capacity as official photographer. You can see pictures of the evening here.

The evening, although in formal attire, was very relaxed. Debbie Miller and Stan Nicholls were excellent at co-hosting the awards, even better than Judy and Richard could ever be. (Although things must've been fraught by the end: Debbie and Stan were are swords drawn!)

James Barclay did an ace job as auctioneer (bet he could even sell Dell's Reliant for a tenner!).

The Magic Circle is an amazing place and I regret that I didn't have time to examine all the exhibits. It is a small venue, however, and if the DGLA does grow it will quickly have to find a larger arena.

Jan and I stayed in a hotel about five minutes' walk away -- too close to take a taxi. Jan had to walk back in stocking feet -- women and their heels!

But the whole evening was great and it went ... just like that!