Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crimewave 12: Hurts

Crimewave number 12, subtitled Hurts, is now available from TTA Press. This is one of the best crime magazines around, so recommended. This time we get:

  • ‘Singularity’ by Melanie Tem
  • ‘The Only Broken Blonde’ by Simon Avery
  • ‘Bless’ by Stephen Volk
  • ‘The Simpson Frames’ by Antony Mann
  • ‘Cheap Rent’ by Janice Law
  • ‘By Night He Could Not See’ by Joel Lane
  • ‘What Grief Can Do’ by Stephen Bacon
  • ‘Scenes From Country Life’ by Tim Lees
  • ‘Night Fishing’ by James Cooper
  • ‘Unfinished Business’ by Christopher Priest
  • ‘Dodge County’ by Danny Rhodes
  • ‘The Space That Runs Away With You’ by Steven J. Dines
  • ‘Gator Moon’ by Ray Cluley
  • ‘Trial’ by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Cover art by Ben Baldwin