Friday, July 23, 2010

Where the Heart Is edited by Gary Fry

Where the Heart Is: A Guided Tour of British Horror, edited by Gary Fry, takes an alternative tour of Great Britain. Authors are often told to write about what they know best … and what do they know better than their own homes? In this anthology, nineteen writers of dark fiction reveal some of the less palatable elements of their native environments.

This anthology includes new stories by Stephen Volk, Rhys Hughes, Gary McMahon, Paul Finch, Joel Lane, Simon Bestwick, Gary Fry, D F Lewis, Andrew Hook, Allen Ashley, Stuart Young, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Carole Johnstone, Michelle James, Stephen Bacon, John Travis, Mark Patrick Lynch, Mark West and Mike O'Driscoll.

“There’s blood where the heart is. Much blood.”

Available as a paperback for £8.99 / $16 plus p&p from the Gray Friar Press website.

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