Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Innsmouth Free Press

The fifth issue of the Innsmouth Free Press has just been launched. Here, you can find: "eight tales of horror and the bizarre, a number of them connected by the thread of dark gods. Sword-and-sorcery meets horror in 'The Song of Tussagaroth', while a deity of the forest haunts a widowed man in “The Green World” and a terrible plague must be contained in 'The Night We Burned Our Hearts Out'. A goddess of the Egyptian variety might be the cause of a strange infestation in 'Nibbling'. A shape-shifting creature seems to haunt modern city streets in 'The Changeling'. Strange aquatic creatures prey on unwary fishermen in 'Beneath the Cold Black Sea' and 'Borgan’s Deli' is open for business but not in a prime location."

Full details can be found on the press's website.

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