Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Dance With Dragons

The fifth book in George R R Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire is now out as a two-volume paperback: A Dance With Dragons volume one: Dreams and Dust; and volume two: After the Feast (Harper Voyager £8.99 each). This series is extremely popular with sales of the books over one million copies. Plus, of course, there is the highly successful TV series.

Quoting the back cover blurb is probably redundant. If you’ve read and enjoyed the previous four volumes you’ll want these books (if you haven’t already rushed out to buy them). If you haven’t yet sampled the saga and you have a yearning to do so, I suggest you go out and find volume one and start there.

George Martin has written over a dozen novels plus many, many fine short stories and scripts for television and film.

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