Friday, May 11, 2012

Killing Violets by Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee’s Killing Violets is now available from Immanion Press (£10.99). But according to the title page, this is actually Killing Violets (Gods’ Dogs). I doubt that this will matter much.

“Who has never loved has never lived. Or died.”

It is 1934: “Starving to death somewhere in Europe, Anna meets Raoul. He takes her to England [to] the dubious mansion of his arrogant and unsavoury relatives, the Basultes. It seems Anna is also to ‘enjoy’ the godly Basulte life. But she is becoming aware that the family is playing with her a macabre and silly game.”

Tanith Lee is one of our finest writers in the field and this new short novel is to be savoured. 

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