Friday, August 3, 2012

Total Recall by Philip K Dick

To coincide with the new movie, Gollancz is releasing a new edition of Philip K Dick’s Total Recall (£8.99).

When the book arrived I had was momentarily confused – Total Recall isn’t a 390-page novel. I was relieved to learn that my memory could recall it for me (wholesale?). This book is, in fact, an collection of some 25 short stories including “We Can Remember it for You, Wholesale” – the basis for the movie Total Recall.

Other stories include “Your Appointment will be Yesterday”, “A Game of Unchance”, “Return Match” and “The Little Black Box”. Also included are an introduction by Thomas M Disch and a series of notes by Dick on many of the stories.

Full marks to Gollancz for publishing this collection. It is important to keep such seminal works in print. But null points for the ridiculously small font. 

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