Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pandaemonium by Ben Macallan

Chaz Brenchley’s alter ego Ben Macallan has a new book out later this month: Pandaemonium (Solaris £7.99).

“Desdæmona's done a bad, bad thing. A thing so, so terrible that she has to run away from the consequences. Again.

Where better to look for shelter than with the boy she was running from before? But trouble follows. And if it's not Jacey's parents who sent the deadly crow-men, the Twa Corbies, in chase of her, then who is it?

Deep under London, among the lost and rejected of two worlds, answers begin to emerge from Desi's hidden past. Answers that send her north in a flight that turns to a hunt, with strange companions and stranger prey. Dangers lie ahead and behind; inconvenient passion lays traps for her, just when she needs a clear head; at the last, even Desi has to beg for help. From one who has more cause than most to want her dead...”

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