Friday, February 8, 2013

Two Judge Dread titles

Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction an instalment in the Judge Dread saga – by John Wagner, Ben Willsher, Staz Johnson, Colin MacNeil and Henry Flint – is due next week from 2000AD at £17.99).

“With the much-loved mayor of Mega-City One presumed dead by the citizens, an election has been scheduled to choose his successor. Cadet Judge Hennessey has predicted that something terrible will happen on the Election Day and she may be right. East-Meg assassin Nadia has arrived in the Big Meg, looking for a scientist who has created a very dangerous virus...”

And in March: The Judge Child by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Brian Bolland, Mick McMahon and Ron Smith also appears from 200AD (£6.99). In this case, the book is published in tradepaper back size with b&w interior art.

“When Judge Feyy, Mega-city One's oldest pre-cognitive, has a vision of the city being destroyed in 2120, Judge Dredd and a select group of other Judges, including future Chief Judge Hershey, are sent on a mission to find the Judge Child. Apparently, young Owen Krysler may be the only one with the power to stop the apocalyptic event from ever happening. With the fate of the 'Big Meg' in the balance, Dredd will travel through the irradiated wastelands of the Cursed Earth and venture out into the depths of uncharted space to find him.”

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