Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whitstable by Stephen Volk

"1971. A middle-aged man, racked with grief, walks along the beach at Whitstable in Kent. A boy walks approaches him and, taking him for the famous vampire-hunter Doctor Van Helsing from the Hammer movies, asks for his help. Because he believes his stepfather really is a vampire…

In Whitstable — which deftly mixes fact with fiction — the actor, devastated after the recent death of his wife and soul mate Helen, is an inconsolable recluse. In that vulnerable state he is forced to face an evil far more real and terrifying than any of the make-believe monsters he tackled on the big screen. And here he is not a crusader or expert with crucifixes to hand — merely a man. A man who in some ways craves death himself, but cannot ignore the pleas of an innocent child…"

Stephen Volk's novella, Whitstable, is available from the Spectral Press.

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