Monday, June 24, 2013

Two from Immanion Press

Fossil Circus by John Kaiine is a horror novel now available from Immanion Press (£11.99):

“London 1992. Four ex-psychiatric patients are bequeathed a Victorian asylum by their psychoanalyst. Jerusalem Lamb, madman, lurks in the Church of Rust, a magpie-faced God chooses his victims, the Voices cheer him on. Devastation and secrets unfurl. And the circus is coming to town...”

Runners by Sharon Sant is a young adult novel, now out (Immanion Press £11.99):

“Elijah is nothing special. He’s just a skinny kid doing his best to stay one step ahead of starvation and the people who would have him locked away in a labour camp - just another Runner. But what he stumbles upon in a forest in Hampshire shows him that the harsh world he knows will become an even more sinister place, unless he can stop it.”

Checkout the Immanion website for further details.

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