Friday, August 9, 2013

The Thing about Wolves by Leigh Evans

The Thing about Wolves by Leigh Evans (book two of the Mystwalker series) is out from Tor (£7.99).

“Does the nightmare end when your wishes come true? Becoming a werewolf pack’s Alpha-by-proxy might be someone’s dream, but it wasn’t on Hedi’s list of life goals. And it’s just not working out. Small hints being Creemore’s wolves wanting her blood, or North America’s Council of Weres wanting her dead.

Then Hedi’s deepest wishes are granted. Robson Trowbridge returns from Merenwyn — and her true love isn’t alone. He’s found her long-missing twin brother, Lexi. With this double helping of wonderful, things should have been all sunshine and flowers, but the fae realm has changed both men. If Hedi can’t save her brother from his addiction, it’ll kill him. And her relationship with Robson may not survive the forces pushing them apart. To combat the darkness ahead, Hedi must face her dangerous were/fae heritage, and travel into the Fae Kingdom’s darkest heart.”

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