Friday, September 6, 2013

The Devil’s Apprentice by Jan Siegel

The Devil’s Apprentice by Jan Siegel is published in October by Raven Stone/ Rebellion (£7.99):

“The Devil is retiring – but who’s taking over?

Wearied by endless aeons of immortality, the Dark Lord in his Dark Tower plans to lapse into limbo till the end of Time. But he still has to choose a successor to take over his evil empire, someone to wear the Horned Crown, wield the Sceptre of Fire, and sit behind the gleaming Desk in the Circular Office overseeing the downfall of humanity. The ancient spirits who might have followed him are all weakened or jaded; he must find a mortal heir (or heiress), who will sit on his throne and assume his immortal powers. A group of would-be apprentices, young, enthusiastic, and malleable, are trapped in a space/ time prism, in various dimensions of magic and the past, undergoing hideous trials to turn them to the dark side. Those who survive – if any – will emerge to compete for the ultimate prize…”

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