Sunday, December 1, 2013

End of the Road edited by Jonathan Oliver

An anthology of original short stories by the bestselling author Philip Reeve and the World Fantasy award-winning Lavie Tidhar among others: End of the Road edited by Jonathan Oliver (Solaris £7.99).

“Each step will lead you closer to your destination, but who, or what, can you expect to meet at journey’s end? Here are stories of misfits, spectral hitch-hikers, nightmare travel tales and the rogues, freaks and monsters to be found on the road.” Includes:

  • We Know Where We're Goin' - Philip Reeve
  • Fade to Gold - Benjanun Sriduangkaew
  • Without a Hitch - Ian Whates
  • Balik Kampung (Going Back) - Zen Cho
  • Driver Error - Paul Meloy
  • Locusts - Lavie Tidhar
  • The Track - Jay Caselberg
  • Dagiti Timayap Garda (of the Flying Guardians) - Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
  • I'm The Lady of Good Times, She Said - Helen Marshall
  • The Widow - Rio Youers
  • The Cure - Anil Menon
  • Through Wylmere Woods - Sophia McDougall
  • Bingo - S.L. Grey
  • Peripateia - Vandana Singh
  • Always in our Hearts - Adam Nevill

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