Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dread Island by Joe R Lansdale

Subterranean Press has announced Dread Island, a major new novella by Joe R. Lansdale, an 84 page, printed in two colors mash-up of Huck Finn, Brer Rabbit, and Lovecraftian Horrors. Expect publication in the fall.

"Dread Island appears but once a month, in deepest fog. During its current appearance, Tom Sawyer is trapped, and it's up to Huck Finn and Jim to save him before sunrise or lose their friend forever. Here's a taste of Lansdale's narrative voice in the tale:

'This here story is a good'n, and just about every word of it is true. It's tempting to just jump to the part about where we seen them horrible things, and heads was pulled off and we was in a flying machine and such. But I ain't gonna do it, cause Jim says that ain't the way to tell a proper yarn.'"

Pricing and ordering details can be found here.

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