Saturday, September 25, 2010

New books from Angry Robot

Coming soon from Angry Robot: Andy Remic’s Soul Stealers, Book II of the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, will be published on 7 October for £7.99. “They came from the North and the city fell. Now it is time for Kell to organize the resistance. But there are vampire assassins on his trail.” Remic has been described as “the Tarantino of fantasy” – so it should be fun.

Also due on 7 October is Damage Time by Colin Harvey (at £7.99). This SF novel is set in 2050, where the USA has been sold (it says) to the highest bidders. “Detective Pete Shah is a Memory Association Specialist with the NYPD. When he is arrested for murder, the secrets he brings to light threaten to bring the city to its knees.”

According to C C Finlay, Damage Time is for SF readers “who love The Wire, a gritty cop drama set in a future New York on the verge of collapse.”

Then on 4 November Angry Robot publishes Amortals by Matt Forbeck (at £7.99). Another SF novel set in another future USA: “For some, death is a thing of the past. But then they brought Secret Service agent Ronan ‘Methusaleh’ Doonan back with a new clone body, to hunt his own killer. That was their first mistake.”

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