Monday, July 2, 2012

The Forbidden by F R Tallis

The Forbidden by F R Tallis (aka Frank Tallis) is published by Macmillan (£12.99):

“Superstition. Possession. Hell on Earth… When ambitious Doctor Paul Clément takes a job on Saint Sébastien, he has dreams of discovering cures for tropical diseases. What he finds is a place where the black arts are just a way of life. On returning to Paris, Clément studies the nervous system and resuscitation. He hears of patients who have apparently died, been brought back to life, and whilst suspended between life and death, experience what they believe to be heaven. Clément attempts a daring experiment in order to confirm these extraordinary reports, but the outcome is wholly unexpected … [does] he bring something back with him – an ancient evil, so powerful that it can never be destroyed?”

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