Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New and forthcoming books

Paul Finch – Dark North (Malory’s Knights of Albion) Abaddon £7.99

Charlaine Harris & Toni L P Kelner, editors – Home Improvement: Undead Edition (Anthology including a new Sookie Stackhouse story.) Jo Fletcher Books £16.99

Karen Lord – Redemption in Indigo (“A retelling of a Senegalese legend.”) Jo Fletcher Books £8.99

James Lovegrove – Age of Aztec (Part of The Pantheon Series) Solaris £7.99

Steve Rasnic Tem – Deadfall Hotel (“The hotel where our nightmares go…”) Solaris £7.99

V M Zito – The Return Man (“Civilisation’s gone. He’s stayed to bury the Dead.”) Hodder & Stoughton £11.99

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