Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent and forthcoming books…

Kristin Cashore – Bitterblue – Gollancz £12.99: “The long-awaited companion to the bestsellers Graceling and Fire.”
A J Dalton – Empire of the Saviours – Gollancz £18.99/£14.99: “The People are forced to live in fortified towns, guarded by an army of heroes, whose task is to keep out the marauding pagans…”
Janet Edwards – Earth Girl – Harper Voyager £7.99:  “Living on Earth is a life sentence…”
Johan Harstad – 172 Hours on the Moon – Atom £6.99: “There’s a reason we never went back to the Moon.” First published in Norway in 2008.
Robin Hobb – City of Dragons – Harper Voyager £20.00: Book 3 of The Rain Wild Chronicles.
Hillary Jordan – When She Woke – Harper Collins £12.99: “When she woke she was read. Not flushed, not sunburned, but the solid, declarative red of a stop sign.”
Mark Lawrence – Prince of Thorns – Harper Voyager £7.99:  “The thorns taught him a lesson in blood.” Volume 1 of The Broken Empire.
George R R Martin – A Dance with Dragons – Book 1: Dreams and Dust and Book 2 After the Feast – Harper Voyager £8.99 each: The fifth part of A Song of Ice and Fire – “The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance.”
Rob Scott – Asbury Park – Gollancz £14.99: “The dead will be avenged” – supernatural thriller
James Smythe – The Testimony – Harper Collins £12.99: “My children, do not be afraid – the world on the brink of despair and destruction.”

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