Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the Middle of Nowhere

Pill Hill Press has published Back to the Middle of Nowhere, edited by Diana Catt, Mark Souza and Gregory Norris.

"Welcome back to the middle of nowhere! In this second installment of horrifying short stories, revisit rural America through the eyes of twenty up-and-coming masters of the macabre. Be afraid ... be very afraid. Fear your neighbors. Fear the plants. Fear the wildlife. What terrible things can happen when you're all alone in the middle of nowhere? Here is your chance to find out ... again! Featuring stories by the following talented authors: Diana Catt, Mark Souza, Susan Palmquist, Gregory L. Norris, Colin Insole, Mike Chinn, Erin Cole, T.L. Perry, D.B. Reddick, Jay Raven, Quinn Hernandez, S.M. Harding, Michael Giorgio, Matt Carter, Jason Barney, Blake Casselman, Noelle Bowles, Wayne Goodchild, Marianne Halbert & Michael James McFarland."

The anthology costs $16.99 and can be ordered via Amazon. For information on this and other Pill Hill books visit their website.

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