Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Null Immortalis by Various Authors

To the casual browser, this book may look confusing. On the spine he (or indeed she) will see "Null Immortalis" and "Nemonymous Ten" and "Megazanthus Ress". The cover says "Short fiction by various authors" and on the prelims he'll note the absence of an editor's name -- but this is all in keeping with the track history of Nemonymous. Keep everyone guessing.

Seriously, Null Immortalis is the tenth book in the Nemonymous series -- and the last to be published. And it's a good-sized book with which to end the run, with 300-plus pages and 26 stories. Among the contributors are: Stephen Bacon, Mike Chinn, Gary Fry, Roy Gray, Andrew Hook, Joel Lane, William Meikle, Reggie Oliver, Steve Rasnic Tem and Mark Valentine. And in case anyone asks, the editor is the sagely D F Lewis.

Null Immortalis costs £11 in the UK, and can be ordered via the Nemonymous website.

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