Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ponthe Oldeguine by Andrew Hook

Atomic Fez Publishing is publishing the "never-​​been-​​revealed, true story of the legendary Ponthe Oldeguine. Kept from public knowledge for decades, now you can finally know what really happened in the halls of the BBC’s Broadcasting House in the late 1960s and early-​​1970s.

Written with loving care and attention to details by noted British author Andrew Hook, from notes left on his doorstep one day by a mysterious and smelly individual (who shouted 'PORCU–PIIIIINE' through the letter-​​box before running away giggling), Ponthe Oldenguine is the man you’ve been denied any information about. So secret was Mr. Oldenguine’s existence, you may not even be aware how badly you’ve wanted to know everything about him! But now, the story can be told and you can read it for yourself.

Ponthe Oldenguine is one part fictional biography of a former television impresario who claims he’s been hounded out of media history, and one part biography of the journalist commissioned to write his story. Where the tales merge, there is madness."

Trade Paperback copies of Ponthe Oldenguine by Andrew Hook are $16.99 (Canada/​USA) or £9.99 (UK/​Others), with pre-​​orders being taken now. The electronic book (just $9.99 Canadian) will made available on the title’s Official Publishing Date of October 8th 2010. To pre-​​order printed copies, head to Atomic Fez.

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